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Friday, March 6, 2009

City Of Angels...

Today I got in one of my hat GRAILS aka the object of any prolonged endeavor. Im a boston Red Sox fan for life but my first ever fitted hat was the California Angels. Im not sure the exact birthday but I remember my Dad took me to Collector's Heaven and told me I could pick out any hat I want. Me being the mischievous devil that I was I thought the Angels hat was fitting for me. Ive been looking for this specific hat for awhile now in my size and some might say well why dont you just go to Lids and buy it there. Well a couple reasons; first the older hats are so much better quality that the newer ones IMO, Second the underbrim is green which I like a lot better than the new black underbrim color and third its all about nostalgia baby (insert Dick Vitale)!!! So thats the store of my Angels hat.....P.S. I got 2 of them so one will be for sale shortly.

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