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Friday, January 16, 2009

I Like My Oatmeal Lumpy...

I remember listening to this CD at my homie Scotto's house all the time back in highschool, hahaha. Above is a vintage Digital Underground tee that I have in stock and its so pimp that its guaranteed to get you laid in a Burger King bathroom ;-) Im posting the shirt beacsue its cooler than a polar bear's toenails (Atliens!!) but also its the topic of controversy on another blog!!! My homie JJ at fell victim to the plethora of fake vintage tees that are taking over eBay. Since Im in the vintage business there is nothing worse than seeing these ebayers sell fake vintage and ripping off unsuspecting buyers. These sellers prey on people with not much vintage knowledge and sell crappy knockoffs that they make in their basement. Im gonna eventually compile a list for everybody letting you know who the FAKE vintage sellers on ebay are so you dont get screwed over!! Anyways I just wanted to share some pics and info....ENJOY!!

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