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Saturday, January 17, 2009


I just went to the Creative Recreation site to see whats new for 2009 and it got me thinking about the brand. I bought my first pair of CR's back in 03 while I was in NY for the week and I actually got them at Urban Outfitters on super clearance for $19.99. At that time I had never heard of the brand or seen anybody else wearing them for that matter. When I saw them I just really liked the style & simplicity of the shoe and I remember I even thought about grabbing two pairs because they were so cheap. When I got back home I ordered a couple more pairs of the Cesario and thought nothing of it. Well a couple yrs later the company blew up and there were hundreds of new crazy colorways and styles everywhere and anywhere which kinda turned me away from the brand. Dont get me wrong congrats to them for blowing up and making it BIG but they started releasing way too many hypebeast styles for me. Anyways I havent bought a new pair of CR's since then but the Cesario is still one of my favorite sneakers and there are a couple new ones (pictured above) I like for Spring 09 that I might have to pick up.

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