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Thursday, August 28, 2008


What can brown do for you? In this case they (UPS) can drop off 2 pairs of DS 1993 Nike Air Raid II"s (aka PEACE edition)!!! Some may say this is the best Air Raid colorway and who am I to disagree. I think its a toss up between these and the OG black (Live Together/Play Together) Air Raids. If your my age these pics should bring back memories of middleschool......those were the good ol days :-)


vintage_heat said...

NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!u def have to post more vintage nike here..
awesome pairs in wesome condition and my size to :( hehehe

i also have eher my ds pair of raids which i also love a lot. Colorway as statd on the box is "black-chocolate" will post some pics soon..
but again...really nice pairs..i hope you didnt pay to much hehe

vintage_heat said...

i hate you for having two pairs of these hehe