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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nike Air Mariah...

Released in 1989 the Air Mariah was a great lightweight runner. I always loved the colorways and the simplicity of the shoe design. A size 7.5 just ended on Ebay and If they were a sz 11 I would've snatched them up in a heartbeat.


vintage_heat said...

nice indeed..recently gave away my size 7 to a friend (in exchange he gave me a pair of air max STs in my size)
i sill have a pair of wearable mariahs from 1996..same model but with neon colorway in a size 13 but i tried them on and they fit perfect (i am a size 11,5)

Andy said...

These were some of the best racing shoes ever created. They were not originally release in 1989 as i have pictures of myself racing in the original model from 1983. They were even better than the later versions. Check out the web if you want to see the original models which contained no NEON!!

Milla said...

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