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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Eat, Drink & Be Merry...

Last night I ventured out to Eagle Rock for some beer & burgers courtesy of Eagle Rock Brewery and Grill 'Em All. Every Thursday, Friday & Saturday ERB invites the best of the best food trucks to serve their drunken patrons and help soak up all that microbrew. Last night, The Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race" winner was in the parking lot serving up one of the best burgers in LA........

The Beer:
-Solidarity: English Dark Mild Ale | Pours Dark, Drinks Light, Coffee notes, Smoky...could go for another one as I'm typing this!
-Manifesto: Belgian Style Whitibear | Pours Golden, Citrus, Lemon Peel.....Great brew on a hot summer day!
-Revoulution: American Pale Ale (APA) | Pours light Amber, Clean, Crisp and Refreshing!
-Populist: American IPA | Pours Amber, Bitter, hints of pine needles reminded me of Christmas but 7.00% ABV will make you HOP till you drop!

The Food:
I went for the Hanna Montana + Bacon because Miley Cyrus is down with O.P.P. The Burger was HUGE, put it this way, the "Where's the Beef" lady wasn't gonna be showing up to this Party!! For a side I got the 'double dipped frites' which i think is just a fancy word for fancy Huh!?!!?

The Verdict:
For $20 I got 4 mini beers, a not so mini burger with fries and a good time. I'll definitely go back again when another food truck I want to try is there (Lardon???) and I'll probably grab a growler of Solidarity next time too.....tell em Large Marge sent ya!!!

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