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Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm the inventor, '81 wavin' at the center...

Whatcha know about Krazy George???? I know one thing, when I hear him talk I wanna Van Gough both ears off!!! I'm here to end the debate, Krazy George did not invent the wave......Chuck Norris invented it in the middle of a roundhouse kick to your face!! For real though, Krazy George claims to be the inventor of the "The Wave". He first used it on October 15, 1981, while at a nationally televised Oakland Athletics American League Championship Series game against the New York Yankees. However a couple Huskies (UW students) claimed to have invented the wave at their homecoming game against Stanford University in 1981. I say solve this for once and all, a cage fight to the death with Krazy George vs Dave Hunter (Husky band trumpet player), winner gets crowned "The Wave" inventor!! Anyways, I saw this shirt at the second hand store yesterday and had to get it...... don't ask why because I'm still asking myself that same question. If one person just learned about Krazy George while reading this post than it was worth buying this shirt. The End

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