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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lollipop, lollipop.....Breasts is just like Busty Heart...

Susan Sykes aka Busty Heart, was born in Boston, MA on May 9th, 1961. Fast forward 25 years and her life would take a dramatic turn on April 27, 1986. During the first playoff series of the NBA 1986 playoffs against the Atlanta Hawks, the Boston Celtics suddenly had what they needed for years. They had no cheerleaders, no celebrity fan, like Lakers super fan Jack Nicholson. They knew they had one up on the Lakers, who all NBA fans knew would eventually be the Celtics opponent in the 1986 NBA Championship. Boston had their first and only unofficial celebrity mascot but there was one problem. Who was she?? Boston media knew this was their story line for the entire playoffs. The search was on to discover the name of the lady who captured the imagination of basketball fans everywhere. Boston area radio stations offered rewards for the information leading to the name and location of the gal they wanted to interview. The Lowell Sun Newspaper called her "Bouncing Betty". Finally Boston Globe Sports reporter, Michael Madden, got the scoop and the mystery was solved. "Bouncing Betty' was none other than stripper Busty Heart. In his Boston Globe article May 13, 1986 he declared "Celtics newest weapon is a becoming distraction". Boston fans had their secret weapon for the playoffs, bring on the Lakers and their Jack Nicholson!! Celtics won the Atlanta series and Hawks coach Mike Fratello conceded at least one victory to Busty Heart. Every playoff game she attended caused fan pandemonium as she was mobbed by fans looking for photo opportunities with her. Autograph seekers wanted her signature on anything including T-shirts, ball caps, tickets, even $100.00 bills. She autographed bald heads and stomachs, anything and everything.

She traveled to Houston, TX to lend support to the Celtics in their confrontation with the Houston Rockets. Houston Post sports writer, Paul Harasim, on May 28th, 1986 wrote an article entitled "For the newest Celtics mascot, it's NBA Championship or Bust". Houston had discovered the Celtics newest weapon, Busty Heart was the Celtics lucky charm. With her support fans felt they could beat anybody and they did. They beat Houston in a bitterly fought series. The Boston fans wanted the big war with the Lakers but they would have to wait until 1987. In Busty's honor fans hung banners in Boston Garden, one banner read "World Championship or Bust-y Heart". The Boston Celtics eventually went on to win their 16th NBA World Title in 1986 and Busty Heart went on to become a national celebrity and sucessful entertainer.....the end!

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