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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is Big Red reporting live from And Still......I finally got these bastards to change my outfit!!!! I went with a homage to the San Antonio Spurs and my homie David Robinson. The nickname "Twin Towers" was actually given to me and The Admiral but one day I was late for practice (we talkin bout practice) and Tim Duncan deicided he was gonna take my spot and run with it......boy did he run because if I caught his ass I was gonna give him a bully beatdown!!!! From that day on they got all the fame and I was left in the background only to be known as that big red guy (hence my name). If Tim Duncan is reading this I just have one thing to say to him.....Karma is a Bitch and you're career is almost over while mine is just getting started!!! P.S. Everything I'm wearing is for sale but you'll have to fight me for it and I know Kung FU......Peace Out!!!

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