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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Victory is Mine...

Easter Sunday: Watching sports like Bill Simmons, eating like Kobayashi & drinking like Keith Moon. I actually tried this beer last week but it was so good that I just grabbed another one for the Sox game. First things first, Ballast Point Brewing Company is one of San Diego's Premier Breweries that started as a Home Brew Mart in 1992. In 1996 the brewery was installed by New World Brewing Systems in the space behind their retail store and production began in September. In May of 2005 they opened their second brewery in Scripps Ranch. Now for the beer....Hooray beer!!!

Victory At Sea:
Look: Pours blacker than a moonless night with a thin brown head (no homo). Think shot of espresso.
Smell: Like if I poured Porter into my morning Starbucks Iced Vanilla coffee
Taste: Has a bite to it, like Barq's Root Beer.
Feel: Like Making Love....after about 4 of 22oz bottles.
Drink: Like a smooth operator, operating correctly!
Overall: Good till the last drop!

Synopsis: One of the best Porters that has ever graced my palate. The coffee/vanilla notes are subtle but you know they're there, kinda like the stalker you have outside your window right now! 10.00% ABV makes your Mom look even better! Mr T. approved....I pity the fool who doesnt try it! I'm definitely gonna plan a day trip to visit the brewery in San Diego and get drunk with the The Swinging Friar!!!

Rating: 4.0 like my GPA in higschool....yeah I'm smart, what!

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