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Thursday, April 29, 2010

I drink more Brewsters than Punky...

You know what I love about beer (besides it makes you all warm & fuzzy inside) there are so many different brews out there to try. I still had a couple duckets left on my BevMo card so I decided to try a new beer tonight. Every time I go to BevMo I see this bottle staring me in the face but never pay it any attention, until today. The bottle reminds me of Cream Soda which I love more than life itself so maybe that was the turning point this go round. Like Nelly I picked up 2 pairs or bottles in this case because I knew I was gonna drink my pain away after finding out this is the last season of The Hills!!! Enough nonsense, lets talk beer shall we.......

Beer: Hen's Tooth
Brewed by: Greene King/Morland Brewery
Location: United Kingdom (England)
Style: English Pale Ale
Serving type: Bottle
ABV: 6.5%

Look: Like 311 says, Amber is the color of your energy.
Smell: Think Caramelo minus the Chocolat (Peter Klaven, what!)
Taste: Like a Cornish Game Hen :-)
Feel: Muy Carbonated.....BURP!
Drink: Pete Rock and CL SMOOOOTH!!
Overall: A Fine English Ale, great for watching Futbol!

Synopsis: You know what they say, a Hen's Tooth is better than NO Tooth! Pretty cheap @ $3.59 a bottle and 6.5% ABV does a body good, how do you think I keep my 6pack in check! I might grab one every so often when I'm feeling British but probably wouldn't cry if it disappeared from the shelves.

Rating: 3.33 on the Richter scale

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