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Monday, February 1, 2010

Make Em Say Ugh...

I got an email last night after I posted the pic below asking if we had that Jordan sweatshirt in stock?
I replied "Does a Bear shit in the woods?"
The kid says "Of course it does, where else would it shit?"
I said "Well have you actually seen it with your own eyes?"
He said "NO, I dont hang out in the woods waiting for Bears to shit!"
I said "Well how do you know then?"
He said "Where else would they shit, in a port-a-potty?"
I said "I dunno, maybe in a bathroom near the woods like those rest area ones."
He said "Real funny!"
I said "I know"
He Said "So do you have it or not!"
I said "Bears do shit in the woods and YES we have 3 colorways in stock.....boooyeah!!"

1 comment:

landlord morrison said...

i need them allll in a XL