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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fighting Irish...

I know its still February (for 4 more hours on the West Coast) but its never too early to start planning for St Pattys Day!!!! This year every alcoholics dream holiday falls on Wed March 17th..... which is only 18 days away!!!!! This Notre Dame Chalk line might be the best St Patty's jacket of all time.....don't believe me, go ask your mother (tell her I said Hi while your at it)!!!

I just realized I've only seen 1 rapper (Chuck D) rocking a Chalk Line jacket back in the day! I know Starter jackets were the "king of the castle" but you'd think they would've switched it up once in a while and rocked a Chalk Line. I cant believe someone like the the Beastie Boys never rocked a vintage Ewing Chalk Line with a Knicks snapback?!?!?!

Anyways if you're Irish and have the movie Rudy (VHS of course) permanently lodged in your VCR than this jacket has your name written all over it!!!

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