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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pour one for my Homie...

Black Bart tees are by far the coolest things GOD (or some 40yr old guy printing them in his Moms basement) ever created but we cant forget about Homey Da Clown!!! We got a vintage bootleg Homey t-shirt today and let me tell you, this might win the best bootleg tee of the year award at the annual vintage t-shirt awards which are kinda like the AVN's meets the Grammys!! Seriously though Homey + Bart + Bay Bays Kids = A Diamond in the Rough! This is pure vintage gold that I'm holding, not to mention its softer than a baby's butt and thinner than Mary Kate-Olsen (I need to trademark that line)! I mean the caliber of this shirt is bar none and I'd love to meet the person who made this gem and give them a (Borat voice) High Five!!!!

Homey Claus
Silent night.
Homey's night.
All was calm.
All was bright...
Bright like that damn light that cop shone in my face. He knew I didn't do it. HE KNEW I DIDN'T DO IT!!!

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