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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Wu x The Fab Four...

Every wonder what it would sound like if The Wu Tang and The Beatles collaborated on a song??? I have!!!!! One night I stumbled home from the bar with some peeps for a little after party. We started to play some beirut (or beer pong if you will) and I went into the other room to throw on some tunes. Little did I know that my roommate was in his other room putting on some tunes of his own. I went with the Wu Tang to get the party a little more hardcore and he must've wanted everyone to chill because he picked the Beatles. When we both returned to the main room we heard this amazing harmony throughout the house. We looked at each other and said "Great Scott!", we might've just invented the best mashup off all time!!! We continued playing beer games until we passed out and woke up the next morning with no recollection of the night before. However our other roommate Tom Caruana who was sober that night was plotting to steal our great idea!! Come to find out years later he drops a Wu Tang vs Beatles cd claiming he thought of it himself!!!!!!! OK OK none of that really happened and I dont know who Tom Caruana is but the story sounded good, right???

Tom Caruana took Wu-Tang acapellas (from various solo and group releases) and threw them over beats made with samples of Beatles songs! You can download all 27 songs HERE