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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Quack Quack...

Duck Boots are making a comeback like Jordan in 95.........they never really left but they kinda were low key for some years. P.O.M.E (not the Jim Jones' cd) recently dropped their new line of these water repellent bad boys. I used to have a pair of LL Bean duck boots back in the day and you only had one color to choose from Brown or Brown. P.O.M.E gives you the option of color coordinating your Duck Boots with your fit which is essential when sploshing in the rain!!! If I still lived back East I would need a new pair because it always rained but seeing how I'm in sunny LA I can rock my Gourmet Quadici's which are more sneaker than boot but still quack like the rest of them. Availble HERE

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