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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Poster Child...

Sports Illustrated posters were kinda weak back in the day compared to Nike & Costacos but almost everyone had at least one hanging on their wall. The title of this post might not be fitting for Kevin Mitchell but that's for you to decide. I like to think everyone who has a gold front tooth is capable of being a role model but I could be wrong. Where do you start with Kevin Micthell, I guess I'll just list some of his finer moments as a Major League baseball player:

-In 1982, he fought with teammate Darryl Strawberry … during a pickup basketball game.
-During the final inning of Game Six 1986 Mets-Red Sox World Series (aka the Bill Buckner inning), Mitchell was in the clubhouse making plane reservations.
-In 1995, Mitchell opted to play in Japan, where he became the highest paid player in Japanese history.
-In 1998, he was arrested for assaulting … his father.
-In 2000, while in the minors, he punched the opposing team’s owner in the mouth during a brawl and was suspended for nine games.
-Mitchell’s famous gold tooth is rumored to have come after he broke his tooth eating a frozen chocolate donut.
-Finally, in Dwight Gooden’s autobiography, Gooden recounts a story where Mitchell held his friends hostage and then decapitated his girlfriend’s cat with a 12-inch knife: “I was horrified by the sight: Mitch was holding the cat’s head in one hand, while the body dropped to the floor, blood pouring out from where the head once was, limbs still twitching.”

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