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Monday, January 25, 2010

FREE Giveaway Contest...

Hola mi amigos, how bout a FREE giveaway contest?? This one is simple as a dimple.....I would like to think that everyone and their mother has a twitter account (if not sign up now, its easy) so here's what you gotta do:

A) Follow @AndSTillLaBrea on Twitter.
B) Tweet this exact phrase: Follow @AndStillLaBrea to win these
C) Cross fingers and hope you win!!

-On Sunday (Jan 31st) 1 winner will be selected via random drawing (video posted on blog) and will receive BOTH vintage Sports Specialties snapbacks pictured above.............tweet tweet mothatrucker!!


DustinPark said...


L.A. said...

That Oakland Raiders hat is on point!

For All To Envy said...

Not Oakland, these are the OG script LA Raiders snapbacks!! Dont forget to enter the contest on twitter, Peace!