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Monday, December 21, 2009

Snapback of the Week...

What if Monday and Friday switched places for a would be weird, think about it! We have so many snapbacks that's its actually hard to pick one every week because I love them all the Ocotomom loves all her kids! We got in a bunch of vintage Pillbox snapbacks today so I picked my favorite one out of the bunch, the San Diego Padres! Pillbox hats are starting to make a little comeback but the fit isn't for everyone so proceed with caution. The "pillbox" baseball hat was popular in the early 1900's and has seen some revivals over the years mainly with the Pittsburgh Pirates. A lot of people think the 78 Padres uniforms are uglier than a monkey's armit but I disagree! The Brown & Gold is kinda like so bad its good, you know when that happens!! Maybe its the brown which is often associated with not so pretty things like....... (you get my point)! Anyways enough of my gibebersih, enjoy the pics!

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