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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Archie For President...

Unfortunately I don't have this shirt anymore but I found the pics on my old computer and wanted to share. As you can see this was when I used a mannequin for product pics, before the now often imitated-never duplicated hardwood floor pics! The shirt is from 1972 when such was the name recognition and societal influence of the Bunker character that by 1972 commentators were discussing the "Archie Bunker vote" (i.e., the voting bloc comprising urban, white, working-class men) in that year's presidential election. That same year, there was a parody election campaign, complete with T-shirts, campaign buttons, and bumper stickers, advocating "Archie Bunker for President." My favorite thing about the shirt is actually the old Varsity House tag which is one of my favorite tags from the 70s.

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