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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

V is for Vintage...

Sesame Street celebrates its 40th anniversary today so for this momentous occasion I will break down the alphabet with vintage apparel. Everything posted we have in stock so hit me up if you're interested.....ENJOY!!

A is for Arsenio Hall "Whoop Whoop Whoop"

B is for Black Bart "I Got the Power"

C is for Celtics....I Hate LA :-)

D is for Devils Toenail....classic Adidas sweat!

E is for Ewing aka the Hoya Destoyer

F is for Fresh Prince & Dj Jazzy Jeff......summertime!!

G is for Gucci Dapper Dan jacket

H is for Hulkamania....Brother!!

I is for Indiana "Hoosiers".....great movie!

J is for you wings!

K is for Kings....West Coastin'

L is for comment :-)

M is for Mars Blackmon "it's gotta be the shoes!"

N is for N.W.A.....100 miles and runnin'

O is for Olde English aka OE, Old Gold and 8-Ball

P is for Porsche aka a girl car (from Two and a Half Men)

Q is for Quakes of Rancho Cucamonga

R is for Raiders....the Holy Grail of snapbacks!

S is for Superbowl/Tecmobowl

T is for T&C....Surf all day, Rage all night!

U is for UNLV runnin rebels....Larry Johnson & Stacy Augmon!!

V is for Vuarnet.....Surf and Ski while wearing neon!

W is for Warriors.....come out and play!!

X is for Xavier McDaniel aka the X-Man

Y is for YO Mtv Raps cards

Z is for Zubaz "Dare to be Different"!

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