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Friday, October 9, 2009


Check out this vintage Adidas poster featuring none other than Jim McMahon! McMahon played for 7 different NFL teams throughout his career but he's most known for his years with DA BEARS (1982-1988). In 1986 McMahon and the Bears won their first and only championship by beating my team (patriots) 46-10. The poster is dated 1986 and after winning the Superbowl McMahon was on top of the world with endorsements coming everywhich way, from Adidas to Coca Cola to Honda Scooters and even Gotcha paintball guns! The Superfans would be proud of this poster!

1 comment:

[james] ™ said...

do you still have any of those superbowl/techmobowl sweatshirts in stock? if so, what sizes?