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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Harold & Kumar go to...

This was one (not this exact one) of the very first vintage t-shirts I won on eBay like 10yrs ago. I'm a HUGE Beastie Boys fan and they always used to mention White Castle in their raps so I was always intrigued. There are no White Castles in New England so I could never try one until I made my first trip to New York back in highschool. One day my girlfriend and I skipped school and drove to NY for the day (not just for White Castle) and on our way into the city I spotted one right off the highway. We quickly pulled off the next exit so I could try the self proclaimed "Legend in a bun"! That was my first and last time ever eating White Castle and I think I'm OK with that. Shortly after I got home from that trip I found a vintage White Castle ringer tee on eBay and that's the story of the White Castle t-shirt. The one above is a deadstock XL that we have in-store and if you like White Castle as much as Harold & Kumar than this shirts for you!

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Homage said...

copyright kaplan collectibles... ron is a close friend of mine. he is a real maniac! he also did the surf ohio line in the 80s. love your blog and &still. you guys are amazing. keep it up.