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Friday, September 4, 2009

Like riding a Bike...

About 6 months ago when I was back home in NH I took my BMX out for a spin but I didnt go back home with it. I stopped at a local skate shop to say what up and left my bike oustide and I guess someone wanted it more than I did because I came out of the shop and it was gone. I remember the days when I could leave my bike outside all day and nobody would jack it but times are a changing. Anyways I just saw this new SE 2010 OM Flyer $100 Bill Wrap bike and its calling my name, the only thing is it cost 8 Benjamins! The newest incarnation of this retro frame bike is clearly meant to stimulate your personal economy through the “mind on my money / money on my mind” philosophy it embodies. Source

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