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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hide and Seek...

Of course I move from New England out to LA and Ray Allen decides now is a good time to play find me PE's!!! Seriously 6 months ago this would've been a great idea and I could've had a chance to get a pair but now I'm stuck here in Laker country. I'm not sure exactly what PE's (besides the True Flights shown above) he hid but if there is/was a pair of the Jordan VIII's I will be salty! The clues have been posted on his twitter page (SUGARRAY20) so if you're in the Boston area you might wanna keep hitting that refresh button! Be forewarned: Sugar Ray has threatened to cease his little scavenger hunt if the finders are found to resell them on eBay, so if you found a pair and wanna make some money just contact me directly and we can talk :-)

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