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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Flea Markets FInds...

I went to the Flea Market today and scooped up some vintage goodies....nothing crazy but some good stuff nonetheless. The first thing I found was 4 vintage Lakers t-shirt, brand new with tags made by Swingster. The shirt is real simple with just the Lakers logo on the front and nothing on the back but still a dope tee. The second thing I found was an oldschool drawstring Miami Hurricanes backpack and 2 vintage Hurricanes hats to match. I remember these style bags in like 8th grade but I never owned one at the time. The next pickup was just some more snapbacks.....a lot of the same ones I have in stock but you can never have too many!!! The last guy had a bunch of vintage random sports stuff and I found a couple cool old NBA pennants. The old Utah Jazz logo is classic, Stockton to Malone and the Vancouver Grizzlies were the shit, remember Bryant Reeves aka Big Country!!!!!! Right when I was about to leave I noticed a little rack of t-shirts and went over to check them out and to my surprise there were 4 sweet vintage tees: A 1986 Patriots Berry the Bears shirt, a 1986 Red Sox American league Champs ringer shirt and two of the same 1986 "The Possible Dream" Red Sox tees........all in great condition with the screen stars tags still intact.


Jameyb said...

burn those Fakers

For All To Envy said...

I wouldnt do that.......because they make great rags for cleaning my car, HAHAHAHA