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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stuntin like my Daddy...

I havent done one of these posts in awhile so here goes nothing! Above are some Vintage Mutombo Adidas for you and your seed, sz 3.5 and sz 10.5!!! If I had the matching vintage kids Mutombo track suit that would game over (insert Lil Flip hook). Ive posted the Adidas Mutombo's before so no need to go into a whole schpeel about them just look at the pics and wipe drool from face, simple as that. I'm glad Adidas didn't retro these because from the samples I saw they would've ruined them and that would've gotten a big finger wave IMO. Baby & Lil Wayne ain't got nothing on me and my stash of father & son vintage apparel!!! P.S. To get the full experience play the video while looking at the pics, hahahaha

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