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Friday, May 29, 2009


I posted the picture Biggie rockin the BAPE jacket below and above is a t-shirt I have in stock. I had this for sale on on my old website and people kept questioning its authenticity because they had never seen it before. This came out before 99% of people in the US even new what BAPE was, so thats half the battle right there. I bought this form a very reliable store in Japan that sells authentic BAPE products amongst other things........and I still have the receipt somewhere. Mortensen did a photo exhibiton in 2002 at the Bape Gallery where this is from. Now I'm not 10000% positive on the back story but I believe this shirt was made strictly for that exibition but I dont know if they were for sale or given away to friends and family. I bought the shirt probably 5 years ago and unfortualtley its not my size so I could never wear it. If anyone has anymore info regarding this shirt feel free to email me and let me know and in the meantime I took some pics and even got the hologram inside the tag :-)

The image was also featured in a recent retrospective book, A Bathing Ape founder, Nigo relives the past 15 years of his company’s history. We take a journey back to the time when the label was rocked by Biggie and his first tee production in 1993 to its late 90’s boom. The book holds a unique tribute to street wear, educating the reader about a history clearly better read than heard and a look into what has become of the small entity turned Japanese empire. Holding a mass influence in fashion around the globe, this Bape piece is definitely a must have for any fan or fashion enthusiast.

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Promo said...

Do you still have that shirt, if so would you be willing to sell it?