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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big Head...

Some people call them Big Head tees but I prefer calling them Caricature tees. Either way you slice it these are possibly my favorite vintage tees and I hope to one day have every single one every made even though that might be impossible. Above is one I just got in and its cooler than cool....why you ask?? Well for starters its a dual caricature tee from the 1991 NBA Finals featuring Jordan and Magic. Secondly just look at the picture, its hilarious.........Jordan has his tongue out while throwin down a dunk and his sneakers have wings on them (thats where Jermey Scott got the idea for the Adidas collabo , hahaha) while Magic looks like he was performing a magic trick and it went wrong, like maybe he sliced the girl in half for real!!!! Last but not least the shirt is a bootleg which makes it that much more rare and hard to find.

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