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Friday, April 3, 2009


Im sure you've seen the recent fashion trend of clear lensed glasses that everyone has been wearing latley but do you know who started that trend??? You probably think it was someone like Kanye or Pharrell but you are wrong!! The trend was started way back in the early 80s by none other than Kurt Rambis. Who is Kurt Rambis you ask??? We'll if you dont know you better ask somebody!!! Rambis played in the NBA 12yrs but was most know for his role on the LA Lakers. He was a favorite among the Lakers fans because of his status as an over-achieving underdog and ultimate team-player. Known for his defensive skills, Rambis also was an efficient clean-up man on offense with his field goal percentage reaching 59.5% at the peak of his career. Rambis usually wore a thick moustache and thick-rimmed black glasses, prompting Lakers announcer Chick Hearn to nickname him "Superman" (in reference to the character's alter ego, Clark Kent). So next time you see a celeb or anyone for that matter wearing a pair of clear lensed black rimmed glasses ask them if they know Kurt Rambis, hahaha.

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