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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thriftin Aint Easy...

This was the 1st real nice weekend of the year so you know what that means.......flea markets, yard sales and thrift stores!!! I went to a bunch of spots and picked up some goodies I thought Id share. First thing I picked up was a box of Fleer 92-93 basketball cards for $5. I used to collect cards back in the day so I couldnt pass up the chance to rip open some packs of cards like the good ol days. Now-a-days its ridiculous, packs cost like $25 and theres only like 3 cards in the pack......I remember buying boxes of cards for that much!! Anyways I grabbed this specific box because it was Shaq's rookie year so it was kinda nostagic to rip open some packs hoping to find a Shaq rc. It took me 8 packs to get the Shaq RC and I also pulled some classic players like Mutombo, Manute, Grandmama, Dee Brown and Kemp.

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