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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rickey Powell...

If you arent familiar with Rickey Powell smack yourself and then go google him!!! Dude has taken some of the dopest vintage hip hop pics in history and his shots of New York in the 80s are timeless. His photo subjects ranged from friends on the block; to up-and-coming musicians, artists, and celebrities; to the then high-and-mighty caught around NYC. Indeed, Ricky has covered it all. Now, for the first time available to the public for free, Walrus TV provides a nine minute video from Dithers featuring the man, himself, discussing things from back in the day as well as giving insight on some of his favorite shots.

As seen in the interview, Ricky Powell loves animals, especially his cat Blackberry and he’s the founder of the well-established and long-standing “Animal Lover Posse.” In the fourth contest slated for 2009, Upper Playground is giving away a Ricky Powell photo of RUN DMC in Paris from 1987. The photo is signed by Ricky Powell, is framed and measures at 3 feet by 2 feet. To enter, all you have to do is submit a photo of an animal on the Upper Playground Facebook Fan Page – it can be anything – your pet, a pigeon on the sidewalk, a rat on the street – whatever. The person who submits the best animal photo will win the photo of Run DMC in Paris/1987. The contest is open for 2 weeks and a winner will be announced on Wednesday, May 13th. For details, rules and more information please visit the feature on Source

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