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Monday, March 16, 2009

Poster of the week...

You know what time it is, another week another vintage poster for your viewing pleasure!! This time I went with and old Xavier McDaniel poster promoting his sneaker line called XANTHUS. The slogan for the sneaker was Make Your Mark and the new power that cost less. I know he was on the Boston Celtics when these came out which would've been around 1992 but I honestly don't remember seeing them in stores??? The sneakers are similar to the Ewing line by Next Sports and which they both are real tall and bulky sneakers. There is a pair on the poster called the X Guard that look real DOPE, kinda like a cross between the Air Jordan VIII and the Converse Aero jam.....I need to find a pair of those bad boys!!! Te poster features a silhouette of the X-Man dunking in the background and him in a weird kinda model pose on the lower left, hahaha. P.S. I still need a Xavier McDaniel Celtics jersey in sz 48!!

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