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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Great One...

I just came across these funny vintage Ad's for Mr Big candy bars featuring the great one aka Wayne Gretzky. I think the ads are from the early 80s and look how young Gretzky looks!! The first ad is for a Mr Big t-shirt in which you could send 2 wrappers and $3.59 and its yours....what a deal!!!!! Thats a pretty sweet shirt and I'll have to keep my eye out for one in the future. The next 2 ads are too funny to be true....the ads are for the Wayne Gretzky fan club and all you had to do was send 1 wrapper and $8.50 and you would receive exclusive photos, a poster and information about what Gretzky is doing throughout the year (sounds like a vintage twitter, hahaha). I wonder how many people actually were part of his fan club????? Oh yeah we cant forget about the candy bar.......Mr. Big is the largest sized chocolate bar produced by Cadbury. The standard bar is made of a long, layered vanilla wafer, coated in caramel, peanuts and rice crisps, which is then covered in the chocolate coating. In Canada, they are very common, and are available at all regular retailers......another great reason to love our ally to the North :-)

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