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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vintage Poster of the week...

I have a ton of rare vintage posters but this right here is one of my favorite!! If you read my blog on the regular you probably know that I love minor league logos/hats and above is a 1999 poster featuring every minor league team hat. One day I woudl like to have one of every single hat pictured in a sz 7 1/2, but thats a little crazy if you think about it, hahaha. I have a small collection now and Im always on the hunt for more. Honestly I would love to travel the US and stop at each minor league ball park and pick up a hat from the pro shop...........I smell road trip in the near future :-) Anyways I just wanted to share the poster and let you check out some of the great minor league hats, ENJOY!


Frank said...

dittos for that minor league dream

that poster is a stunner

For All To Envy said...

I would like to do a MLB ballpark road trip too but with the cost of a ticket now-a-days I'd have to take out a million dollar loan, hahahaha