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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Snapbacks have made a huge comeback in the past couple years and a lot of the old designs have been remade by streetwear brands. Ive been selling vintage snapbacks for years now and its always interesting to see which designs and styles get the "retro" treatment. Im not discarding it by any means because taking inspiration from vintage is part of the clothing business in general but "lately there has been an influx in vintage inspired snapbacks" To me snapbacks are essential for anybody who rocks hats on the daily basis because there are those day where you just dont feel like wearing a fitted hat. Anyways enough of my rambling, above is The Hundreds "Raiders Inspired" snapback from their Winter 08 line and also a vintage Phoenix Suns snapback where the inspiration came from. The only thing I noticed is that they didnt include the side logo on their hat.

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