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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beer of the Week...

Went out to Morton's aka the BEST steak anywhere for dinner tonight and I tried a new beer called Chimay which I had never heard of before. The Chimay Brewery is a Belgian brewery founded inside Scourmont Abbey, in the Belgian municipality of Chimay in 1862. The brewery produces three widely distributed ales: the Premiere (red), the Grande Réserve (blue) and the Cinq Cents (white) and also a patersbier exclusively for the monks. I went with the Premiere which is a dark brown colour and has a sweet, fruity aroma. The malt in this beer has a nutty character that goes well with the hints of pepper from the house yeast. The beer went down real smooth and was somewhat light yet full of flavor........I will have to try the other two soon.

The label on the baqck of the beer reads “The registered trademark ‘TRAPPIST’ certifies that this ale was brewed within the walls of an existing trappist monastery under the control of the trappist community. A major part of the sales revenue is used by the monks to support charitable works. The exceptional yeast isolated by Father Theodore, combined with the purity of the highly protected water of the abbey’s wells, gives Chimay its unique richness. Since 1862, Chimay’s secondary fermented ales have neither been pasteurized nor filtered and only natural ingredients are used. To fully appreciate the agreeable combination of fresh hops and yeast of the Chimay Triple, serve chilled, in a wide-mouthed glass.”


vintage_heat said...

thanks for promoting one of belgians finest beers :)

if you ever come to belgium, i will show you around to some legendary belgian beer spots

For All To Envy said...

it was a great beer and I cant wait to try the other two. Yeah, I definitely gotta make a trip out sometime!