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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Top 50...

So the other day I came across this post on of the 50 Streetwear Blogs You Should Be Reading and I was super excited. Why was I so excited you ask?????? Well DUH I have to be on that list because my BLOG is cooler than a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce (Beastie Boys reference)!! Ok so my blog is fairly new and doesnt have much hype behind it but I think I do a damn good job for being a one man crew. I like to mix it up with a little bit of everything that I like: food & drink, movies, sneakers, clothing and of course VINTAGE! When I make a post I try to be informative on the subject but put my own little twist on it and often include my personal opinion. Anyways I was scrolling down the list of the top 50 anticipating my name to pop up and as I got closer to the bottom I got a little nervous. I finished reading the list and my blog was nowhere to be mentioned.....I thought to myself this has to be a mistake, a typo, some sort of conspiracy theory!! I ran into the snow fallen street by my house dropped to my knees and screamed WHY LORD, WHY DIDNT I MAKE THE TOP 50 BLOG LIST!!!!!!!!! My neighbors all started to stare out their windows at me like I was some lunatic, but I was heartbroken. As I began walking back to my house I heard a voice say "Kirk, remember what Eric B & Rakim told you.......Competition Is None". In other words there is no competition when you are doing what you love and not following anyone elses footsteps but making your own path!! It took me awhile to calm down but then I relized I must have been #51, HAHAHAHA.



vintage_heat said...

i like your blog
you are in MY top 5 :)

For All To Envy said...

Thanks Karl!! Your blog is definitely one of the best vintage sneaker blogs out there!!

Jimmy J said...
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Jimmy J said...

Just kick a hole in their list, pull the plug, then jet. You make Eric B & Rakim proud, that's all that matters.