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Monday, January 26, 2009

How Sweet It Is...

Talk about a throwback, ROOS were the shit back in the day. I used to stuff my lunch money in the little zipper pockets on the side which at the time was the cool thing to do. In the early 80s ROOS became so popular that professional athletes started to endorse them on the field. The most notable athlete to rock the ROOS was Walter Payton aka Sweetnees who wore them in the 80s as he weaved through the opponents defensive line with ease! Above are the retro Sweetnees Hi's that Kangaroo just released and I dont think they look all that bad. The shoe features an orange/navy colorway with the #34 stitched on the heel & tongue and of course Sweetnees stitched on the right ankle. These obviously have the football cleat look & feel but if I was a Bears fan I would definitely rock these with a vintage Bears "Ditka" sweater!!! There are available now at and reatil for $89.99 so go get your P.S. The Fridge wore ROOS too and who can forget the Superbowl shuffle....DA BEARS!!!


Frank said...

hell yes! now you're speaking my language!

i had a Walter Payton ROOS poster in my room as a kid- man, i gotta find that again.

For All To Envy said...

HAHA, yes indeed these are nostalgia at its best.......DA BEARS!