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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowed In...

Last night the East Coast got hit with a huge snow storm!! Some parts of New England are expected to get a foot of snow!! In NH we got like 4-6 inches last night but it just keeps snowing and I dont think it will ever stop!!! Im not literally snowed in my house but I dont feel like driving around the city especially with all the crazy Christmas shoppers on the road!! Anyways above are a couple things I could do today.......Extreme Sledding, Snowball Fights, Make a Snowman (Young Jeezy style), Lick a frozen pole (NO homo), Eat Yellow Snow (Yummy!) or just sit in the house and Watch TV. I might have to break out the snow tube, throw on my freaky freezies and get my sled on or maybe I'll just sit back drink some Rum Eggnog and blog :-) P.S. thats not my car above, thank god!

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